Mike Borozdin Hi! My name is Mike Borozdin. I’m a software engineer who is based Edinburgh, United Kingdom and works for NCR Edinburgh.

My main areas of interests when it comes to IT are various software development practices. They both include technical aspects, for example, Test-Driven Development, and processes, such as Agile Development.

While I might have personal preferences of tools, I’ve been using a big variety of different technology stacks, starting from .NET and Java to JavaScript and Python. Being exposed to a wide range of technologies not only allows you to choose the best tools for a job, but also broadens your mind and helps to see the same old stack in a different light.

I’m extremely keen on knowledge sharing, hence I give an occasional talk at local events and organise knowledge sharing sessions at my company.

Regarding my personal interests and hobbies, I’m very passionate about music and travelling – I’m fortunate to have lived in four different countries and be able explore different cultures.

Feel free to drop me a line or follow me on Twitter.