Mike Borozdin Hi! My name is Mike Borozdin. I’m a software engineer with a strong customer and product focus. My firm belief is that technology is a key component of a successful business.

I’m also passionate about empowering other people and evangelising technologies, products, and processes. I always seek an opportunity to share my knowledge either at work or a conference or through my blog.

While I might have personal preferences of tools, I’ve been using a big variety of different technology stacks, starting from .NET and Java to JavaScript and Python. Being exposed to a wide range of technologies not only allows you to choose the best tools for a job, but also broadens your mind and helps to see the same old stack in a different light.

Regarding my personal interests and hobbies, I’m very passionate about music and travelling – I’m fortunate to have lived in four different countries and be able explore different cultures.

Feel free to drop me a line or follow me on Twitter.