Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is an indeed great application. But when it comes to adding a new e-mail account one can simply feel frustrated, simply because every message received from that account will still be stored in the default account. I remember I was having a hard time after switching from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook when adding my e-mail accounts.

Hopefully, there is a workaround – you have to add a new data file and assign it to your newly created account.


So, if you want to a new e-mail account, go to Tools –> Options, open the “E-mail” tab (it must be open by default)



and click “New…”, the next steps are pretty clear, you just configure your mail account.


However,a very important steps still awaits you.

You must create a data file for your newly created e-mail account. So don’t close the “Account Setting” windows, select the account you’ve just created and click on “Change folder”.


Now click on the “New Outlook Data File…” button and give it a name. WARNING! There is a temptation to give it a meaningful name like “your_name@your-domain.pst”, but don’t do that! Outlook will create a file, but won’t be able to assign it to your account for some reasons, so call it “yourname_yourdomain.pst”.

After that you’ll finally be able to give it a meaningful name.


Then, you can click Ok. And you newly created e-mail account will have a dedicated folder, so all the mail sent to that account will lie in its folder.