• You can become a successful developer without a degree
  • University broads your mind
  • What about a scientific career?
  • Students life is just fun

It’s a popular and ranting debate whether one has to take a degree or not to become a successful programmer. One side of the debate always say that you can do without having a degree and people come up with examples of people who for some reason didn’t obtain a degree but became quite successful.

Well, let’s admit that is true. You can become a good programmer without any formal training.

Will you miss something in this case?

Yes, you will.

Programming is not only about web and/or enterprise application and constant ranting about design patterns, there are many areas, for example, bioinformatics, text processing and etc., that really require having some fundamental knowledge that you can hardly obtain by reading blogs and books. Of course, if you are are really talented and smart you can learn it all by yourself, but still finding without having a degree a job in those fields can be particularly problematic, since they are dominated by people from academia.

As a person who is taking a Master’s degree I must say that it just really broads your mind, since I learnt about different areas of current researches that really impressed me.

It is also pretty amusing to observe how people who are talking about ditching a degree in favour to career overlook the scientific career. Sure, a scientific career mightn’t be the thing you’ve been dreaming of since your childhood, I think it only starts to be interesting when you at university. So, not going to university is just a way of cutting yourself from one of career paths.

Moreover, one shouldn’t forget about a social aspect of student’s life that is really full of fun. Going into industry after finishing a high school might sound mature, but it also looks like sacrificing youth for something you can always catch up later. While you cannot catch up with the Sun, “but it's sinking… but you're older.Shorter of breath and one day closer to death”.