Nowadays, the comment spam isn’t those dumb messages that just used to contain an URL to scammers web site. Today, the comment spam is aimed to for SEO. Usually you receive a commentary that at first sight doesn’t have anything suspicious, it may have just a couple of words or “Thanks”, but if you look closer, you will notice that the URL field of the comment author is filled in and the web site doesn’t have anything in common with the topic of your blog post. By doing this they are trying to increase the Google PageRank, so it’s reasonable to add rel=”nofollow” to the URL field. Of course, if it happens once, it may be a real man, but if you are always receive such comments, then it can be nothing else, but spam.

Moreover, such comments usually have some words and phrases that present in the original article, for instance I usually meet spam comments with “ASP.NET” or “Internet Explorer” in their text. But what amused me most of all is this particular comment:

ASP.NET has gone in unmanaged and unstable state where we have 100s of project coded in ASP.NET 2.0 and when we open them in 2008 nothing opens, upgrading to 3.5 are mere nightmares. And finally so many new technologies just to boost the marketing headlines. But come on guys, its easy for one blogger to just blog about able to mix technologies with writing 100s of lines of code which one geek can understand. Have you even worked on any project involving more then 5 developers? Practically we are spending more monty to train new things to our staff, more money to buy new tools, more money to manage projects and more and more money to sit and search world of forums to find why one thing doesnt work then actually doing simple development.

It is really hilarious, considering that fact that it was posted under article called “Is PHPLinq As Cool As Real LINQ?”.