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If we want to learn to code we can browse through thousands of open source projects and learn from the masters of the craft. It is more difficult when it comes to product management. Of course, there are myriads of books, blog posts, and conferences. However, what is lacking is a good number of stories from the trenches.

This series ‘Product Management in the Open’ aims to address this gap. I’ll be talking about my experience of coming up an idea, implementing it as a mobile app, and bringing it to the market. Throughout that time I’ve been trying to follow the Lean Startup methodology.

Also not everything has gone well. And the series is not meant to be a guidebook to product management. Instead, it just illustrates the steps which have been taken when developing one particular app. Please, do post any feedback and ask questions under specific articles.

I’ve been working on the app since late 2016 and many of articles explain my way of thinking at a certain moment in time. However, I do try and add retrospective to them to see where the things have gone wrong.

App Itself

You can always play with the app itself. It’s available for both iPhone/iPad and Android devices:

Articles (still work in progress)