Elevator Pitch

A mobile app that helps to find places that do you favourite meal or drink the best. Unlike existing products (Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp), you see ratings for meals & drinks, as opposed to the whole place.

Choose what you’re interested in See places with ratings around you Get more info about place
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Product Vision Board

Additionally, I’ve created a Product Canvas that helps to define various aspects about the products - target groups, needs, etc. That’s based on the blog post by Roman Pichler.

Vision Help to find best things in town (brownies, coffee, wine, dry cleaners)
Target Groups:
  • Visitors who come into town and search for the best wine
  • People about town who always want to know where the best coffee is
  • Finding the best thing around me right now
  • Finding the best thing (brownie, coffee) in town
  • Mobile app
  • Unlike other apps it allows searching places by a thing (brownie, coffee, wine)
  • When I search for ‘brownie’, I’ll see places list by the quality of brownies, not by the overall quality
  • Current products (Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare) only show the overall rating
    • But what does it mean for a cafe to be rated 4 stars?
    • Does it mean that it’s got a 4 star coffee? Or a brownie? Or just a cozy interior?
Business Goals
  • Gain Product Management experience
  • Generate revenue
  • Sold it to the current incumbents (Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook)